Neuroscience Products

P.Glia is specialized in the development and marketing of time-saving and cost-effective techniques for the isolation, cell culture and analysis of defined CNS neuronal and glial cell populations, especially oligodendrocytes. Our innovative products and services are best suited to support CNS/myelin research dedicated to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for neurodegenerative diseases and brain repair.

Since 2016 a new successful product pipeline PG Biomedical is dedicated to the develoment of natural cosmetics based on Dr. Pesheva┬┤s biomedical expertise and the power of natural plant oils, extracts and derivatives: 100% organic, vegan, free of synthetic additives and preservatives.

Cell Isolation Kits

for oligodendrocytes and
CNS neurons

Cell Culture Reagents

for neural cells and
neural stem cells

Cell Culture Media

for brain cells and
neural stem cells

Cell Culture Dishes

unique dishes for
neural cell isolation